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Refrigerator repair

If your refrigerator is not working or something is wrong with it, our team is the best way to solve this problem. We offer you a quick and professional refrigerator repair, which will include full diagnostics of the fridge to determine the problem and professional approach to fix the damage. Our refrigerator technicians are skilled and experienced, so they are able to remove the damage as quick as it is possible without any outlays.


We value your time and comfort, so our specialists can consult you by phone and then arrange the time for visit, which is comfortable for you. We do our work quickly and carefully to make sure that all problems are solved and all damages are removed. You will get a guarantee on all repair, which was done, because we are sure in our results and terms.


Our refrigerator repair service has flexible schedule, so you can call us and arrange the specialist’s visit any time, which is comfortable for you. We are taking into account your time and comfort, so our specialists will do their work carefully without any unnecessary and unwanted activities.


The major problems, which you can face, using your refrigerator, are:


  • Refrigerator is making strange noise;
  • Refrigerator is not cooling or it is not cold enough;
  • Ice-maker is not working;
  • Refrigerator is not dispensing water or ice;
  • Your refrigerator is not working at all.


Our service is organized in the way, which allows quick and professional removing of all faultiness. We work with the most common refrigerator damages, such as:


  • High voltage caused damages;
  • Compressor damage;
  • Ice-maker repair
  • Control board repair;
  • Condenser coils cleaning
  • The fan motor repair etc.


Our specialists use only professional instruments and equipment, and they have all necessary refrigerator parts, but even if there is something missing, we can quickly order it and get to your place, so you do not have to worry about looking for it somewhere else. During the diagnostics our refrigerator technician will check your fridge, find out the matter and tell you the cost of its repair. You can explain your problem by the phone, so our specialist will be able to come to your place and fix your fridge the same day, saving your time and your appliance. If the damage cannot be removed quickly, our technicians will inform you about all necessary details so you can plan your schedule.


As we are keeping pace with new technologies and brands, our specialists are equipped well enough to repair almost all models and brands of refrigerator, among which are Samsung, Maytag, Whirlpool, Kenmore, LG, GE, Frigidaire, Amana etc.


So, if you faced a problem of refrigerator damage, we are open to all questions and ready to help you!