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Ice maker repair

If you are having problems with your ice maker, out professional team is ready to help you! We have only expert ice maker repair specialists, who are skilled in fixing the latest models of ice makers and ice machines. Our company features top quality service to satisfy all your needs. We come to your place to remove the damage within 24 hours, so you needn’t look for an ice maker repair service somewhere near you. Our aim is to save your time and ice maker!


Ice maker repairThe most common problems we work with are:


  • Ice maker does not make ice;
  • Ice keeps coming;
  • Ice maker makes ice but does not eject it;
  • Ice maker frozen;
  • Clogged filter;
  • Ice maker leaking.


Each of these problems is caused by some reason. Out technicians will deeply examine your ice maker and do all necessary diagnostics to make sure they found the real reason of damage. After that you will get a report on the damage and oriented cost of ice maker repair. If any parts of your ice maker need replacement, we provide you with original professional parts, which will keep your appliance working for a long time.


We offer you an expert repair of any brand and model, among which are Whirlpool, LG, Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, Maytag etc. Our technicians are trained to fix ice makers of any type and in the most appropriate for this model way. After the repair we do a check-up to make sure that your ice machine is working correct. Our experts work with any kind of ice machines:


  • Nugget;
  • Half-cube;
  • Full-cube;


You pay for the job, not for the time, and can always be sure that our technicians do their best to fix your ice maker. They always have all necessary tools to do the repair quickly and without any unexpectedness. We value your time, so you can choose when our specialist will come to your place without changing your plans. We provide a same-day repair, which is possible because of years of practice and experience. Our experts can find the reason of ice maker damage quickly because they are skilled and have done thousands of successful ice makers repairs. But you can be sure that your appliance will get an specialized approach according to its type and model. Also you can get a professional advice on the further use of your ice making machine, guarantee on the all done repair and technical support in any time and day.


If you need fast and efficient ice maker repair, we are the best choice for you! Let our experience and professionalism work for you!