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Dryer repair

If you need a professional dryer repair in your area, we are ready to help you! Our company works with the damages of any difficulty. We offer you a quick professional repair of dryer, which suits your needs and wishes. An expert diagnostics allows determining the problem quickly and finding the best way to solve it. Our technicians are experienced and have years of practice, so they are able to repair your dryer on the day of application. You should only make a call and explain the problem, so we can predict the best and most appropriate way to fix your dryer.


Dryer repairThe most common faults of dryers are:

  • Dryer does not start;
  • Strange noise;
  • Not heating;
  • Long dry time;
  • Burning smell;
  • Door issues.


Any time you face any of these problems, you can make an appointment via phone or online, and our specialist will come to your place with all necessary instruments and parts, if any are needed. If your problem is out of list, we will examine your appliance and find out the reason of damage. We provide gas dryer repair and clothes dryer repair, dryer vent cleaning, replacement of the damaged parts, checkups, installing and many other services. Our specialists find a personal approach to each customer and always ready to consult you on any question.


We work with different models and brands, including Frigidaire, Samsung, Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, KitchenAid, Maytag etc. We are constantly developing our skills and work with the newest models of dryers. Our company reached a highly respected reputation among thousands of our customers.


The cost of dryer repair depends on the damage. After the diagnostics our technician will inform you about the cost and duration of the repair process. All dryer repair parts, if any are needed, are original and perfectly fit your dryer appliance. You get the full report on the dryer repair cost and only you make the final decision about the repair. We use only professional instruments and send only qualified technicians to fix your dryer. Also, you get a guarantee on all repair that was done and can get professional recommendations for further use of your dryer.


We value your time and we always respect your preferences and wishes. Calling us, you can be sure, that you will get a quick and professional dryer repair, personal approach and high quality help of experienced technicians who are ready to face all kinds of damages and remove them quickly. We are always ready to help you, so feel free to contact us!