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Cooktop repair

 Cooktop repair

If your cooktop needs repair, we are ready to help you! Our professional cooktop repair service deals with all kinds of damage and maintenance.

Years of experience and successful practice allows us to use only latest technologies and tools to make sure that your cooktop is done well. We always find a personal approach to all each customer and appliance and use only appropriate original parts to fix the cooktop. Our technicians are working with many brands, such as Kenmore, Maytag, Frigidaire, LG, GE, Samsung, KitchenAid and others. The experts of our company are familiar with the specificity of any model, so they use only professional tools to repair your cooktop.


We always value your time and offer you the same-day repair of cooktop. All you need is to call us and explain your problem, so we can send our technicians to your place. Years of practice help us to determine the problem even on distance, so the specialist will come to your place with all necessary tools, which saves your time and makes the repair quick and qualified. Our service is always “near you”, so the repair will be done without any inconvenience for your plans or schedule. We provide all kinds of repair to fix the problems which you can face using your appliance.


The most common faults are:


  • Electric cooktop does not turn on;
  • Cannot adjust the temperature of burners;
  • Electric coils does not heat;
  • Cooktop sparks;
  • The indicator light does not work;
  • Temperature issues;
  • Too strong fire flame;
  • Visible mechanic damages of the cooktop etc.


We give you a complete diagnostics of the problem and its reasons. Our specialist will examine your cooktop fully to make sure that the damage was found correctly and there are no other hidden problems. You will get the full report on the damage and the cost of its repair. If there are any parts, which need replacement, we offer you a big variety of professional original parts from reliable suppliers. There is no need to go to the store because we have everything we may need to repair your cooktop.



Our company wants you to always feel confident about the decision to choose us to repair your cooktop, so we always give a guarantee on all repairs, which we do! Our specialists keep the pace with the latest brands and models of cooktops to enrich their experience. We bring your cooktop back to work quickly and reliable. Our experts always do the check-up of the appliance to avoid any errors.


Call us today and see what our cooktop repair service can do for you!